Ray and Cindy

Ray plays bass guitar.

Cindy plays keyboard or guitar.

We Love To Sing About Jesus

Call us to come to your event.


I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

Glory, Glory, Glory


New Jerusalem Singers are ready to come to your event or church to sing. We appreciate every opportunity we have to share Jesus. We are looking for churches and events to attend.

in 2019 we are singing at many Senior homes and communities around Central Illinois.  We are looking to expand this to other states as a full time ministry.

Who We Are:

Formed in 1989, The New Jerusalem Singers sing Southern, Traditional, Country Gospel music. We've had the opportunity to minister the gospel through music in churches with various affiliations, crossing denominational lines, as well as in independent churches.  It does not matter where we go to sing, we want Jesus to be uplifted.

We sing traditional gospel songs  as well as old hymns of the church as well as older well known songs.  

Ray plays bass guitar and sings the lead. Cindy plays guitar and sings alto. She sometimes will also play a keyboard or piano.   We sing a variety of songs and will sing a variety of places.  Ray and Cindy now make up The New Jerusalem Singers. During 2018 Bob and Sharon have had some medical issues and Sharon passed away in 2018.  Bob decided to leave the group. Ray & Cindy will be singing at many senior retirement communities all over Illinois and are looking at expanding their ministry into many other churches and events  now that Ray has retired.

The New Jerusalem Singers will come to your church for a love offering/donation. We firmly believe that God will supply all of our needs...and He has. We ask for a love offering and the opportunity to set up our table of CD's and merchandise. This helps us in our ministry so that we don't have to charge a fee to any church. . Out of State events may incur an additional fee to meet expenses. (please ask). We will work within the budgets of fairs, festivals, retirement communities and the many other events we participate in. 

It does not matter where we are invited to sing. Size is not a factor with us. God can move in the small settings as well as the large settings. We enjoy the small settings just as well as the larger ones. The New Jerusalem Singers have had an opportunity to sing at family reunions, festivals, gospel sings, camps, churches, Sunday Schools, nursing homes, retirement villages, senior events, revivals  and individuals homes as well as other locations. All you have to do is ask for us to come. Contact us to get a date set up for your event. 

Our ministry will continue to grow and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us.  We have a hymn CD released in 2018 titled,  "Traveling On". We have recorded many CD's in the past and as we sell out we usually do not re-re;ease them. Curently on our table we have "Redeemed!" which was released Sept. 21, 2013. On June 28, 2014 we released our CD "Lifting Up Jesus For 25 Years.  This is a 3 Disc CD (50 songs) and covers the past 25 years with songs we have recorded throughout the past 25 years, others have recorded of us and also includes some never released songs.  We have a piano CD recorded by Cindy and 2 CD's which includes hymns and songs written by Ray & Cindy - these are "From The Archives Vol. 1 & 2".

In 2014 we started "Gospel Music Gathering" which consists of having us come to your church, park, or building and hosting a Gospel Sing.  We can co-host along with your group or church.  We gather the groups in to sing and if it is a longer sing you can serve food, or be involved however you would like.  You assist with getting the word out for these sings and we bring in the groups. This is usually 3 hours but can be longer up to 4 hours.  This is a free event (no tickets). Just contact us if you would like to set something up. We will travel to do these also. There is no charge for this event, but we do put out donation boxes to help the groups who come.

We have a passion for ministry and a desire to encourage the Body of Christ through song.  Everyone needs a little lift from time to time.  "It's Not What's Over The Door",  (the denomination of your church) that matters to us, as long as you are "Saved by Grace".  We do not look at denominations - we are all Christians if you believe in Christ.

Be sure to check out our schedule and come and see us sometime.

Come expecting a good time in the Lord.

Always Remember

This was our first singing at Nichols Park on July 4, 1989 in Jacksonville, IL
Ray, Cindy (Matthew on the drums at age 7), Mary Beth and Paul
The sign is attached to my keyboard

Country Gospel Music
Ray Cindy 2018 NJS